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Article: Bianchi 50 years evolving in fashion

Bianchi 50 años evolucionando en la moda

Bianchi 50 years evolving in fashion

We are close to turning 50 and we have thousands of memories of the brand that all generations have in their hearts and memories.

Don David, founder of BIANCHI, began with an interest in fashion from a young age, since at the age of five he worked with an uncle on some looms in the municipality of La Estrella. In his youth, after working for a few years as a messenger, he decided to set up his own business.

It started with a children's brand and then migrated to jeans, gaining great recognition for its lasts, even producing for others such as Éxito.

In 1974, the founder started the Bianchi brand. It began as a men's and women's brand and its recognition was achieved with the use of denim, a fabric made of blue organic cotton fabric that allowed the creation of jeans and very comfortable garments.

The brand began to gain strength in the Center of Medellín, where the fashion market began to gain great importance. Over time, the vision of the business changed, making Bianchi a 100% feminine brand.

It has been a path full of joys, and in turn of learning and changes, a series of events in the market were generating transformations within the company. Today Bianchi is a brand oriented more to the casual universe, to women who like fashion to go to work, but also to enjoy other social spaces. This is how we became 70% casual and 30% jeanswear.

During these 50 years, the country has faced moments of economic crisis that have transcended the fashion sector. In the 90s, with the opening of the economy, imported clothing brands and fast fashion were able to enter, the entire market had to be rethought and Bianchi managed to adapt, offering a current product without losing price competitiveness.

In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic was a global event that made Bianchi rethink how to continue offering women fashion that fits their lifestyle and transforming the company to a more digital market. In addition, raw materials and inputs became uncontrollably expensive, a challenge that made the brand turn around slow fashion, to reach the new generations that are more committed to sustainable fashion.

If you are wondering who Bianchi is aimed at, today it is clearer than ever: a working woman, a follower of fashion, who wants to grow and evolve, feminine, delicate, who places great value on family, on things that lead her to be a better person and that nourish her life.

Today this journey of 50 years makes the founding family, its 50 employees, all the people who make their garments in satellite workshops and all the women who buy Bianchi garments proud. Great challenges and opportunities continue, not only in Colombia but also in international markets, because the commitment is to bring #ModaBianchi to the world.

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